Detergent Cake Mixture Machine in Varanasi

detergen cake making machine

Detergent Cake Sigma Mixture Machine

Mixer Machine ( Sigma ) 200 kg / Batch, 10 HP
Plodder -6 With Gear Box (Double Worm)Vacuum Plooder
Motor 10+7.5 HP
Production 4.5 Ton Day

Laghu Udyog is well-known for crafting top-quality Detergent Cake Sigma Mixture Machines. Our machines set industry standards with careful craftsmanship and advanced technology..Read more

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detergen cake making machine

Detergent Cake ZMR Mixture Machine

Mixer Machine ( Sigma ) 100 kg / Batch, 5 HP
Plodder 6 With Gear Box (Single Worm)
Motor Of Plodder 7.5 HP
Production 2.5 Ton Day

Laghu Udyog is recognized for crafting superior Detergent Cake ZMR Mixture Machines, solidifying our position as a trusted manufacturer and supplier..Read more

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Product Description

At Laghu Udyog, our Detergent Cake Mixture Machines stand as the linchpin in detergent cake production. Precision-crafted, they excel in blending diverse raw materials, ensuring top-quality detergent cake material. Available in both mild steel and stainless steel, our machines cater to varied production needs. We offer flexibility in producing detergent cakes of specific sizes and dimensions. With customizable specifications like construction, gear size, motor power, and batch capacity, we empower businesses with tailored solutions for their detergent cake manufacturing processes. Count on Laghu Udyog for unparalleled excellence in detergent cake production, where precision meets versatility for optimal results.