Detergent Cake Making Machine in Varanasi

						detergent cake making machine

Plodder Detergent Cake Making Machine

Mixer Machine ( Sigma ) 50 kg / Batch, 3 H.P
Plodder 4 With Gear Box ( Single Worm )
Motor Of Plodder 5 HP
Production 1 Top Day

Laghu Udyog, a prominent force, excels in crafting elite Plodder Detergent Cake Making Machines, setting new standards in precision and efficiency for superior detergent cake production.Read more

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detergent cake making machine

Detergent Cake Rotary Cutter Machine

Mixer Machine ( Sigma ) 300 kg / Batch, 5 HP
Plodder 6 With 8+6Gear Box (four Worm)
Motor 10+7.5 HP Vacuum Plodder
Production 4.5 Ton Day

Laghu Udyog has garnered its esteemed reputation as a distinguished manufacturer and supplier, celebrated for our top-of-the-line Detergent Cake Rotary Cutter Machine Machines.Read more

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Product Description

Laghu Udyog proudly upholds its distinguished status as a leading manufacturer, celebrated for our cutting-edge Detergent Cake Making Machines. Meticulously crafted, these machines redefine detergent cake production, utilizing the pinnacle of raw materials. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation shines through in reliable solutions that champion sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing. Laghu Udyog's machines stand as a testament to precision and efficiency, seamlessly delivering eco-conscious, superior-quality products. We are the trusted choice in the detergent cake manufacturing industry, where each machine reflects a dedication to excellence and an environmentally conscious approach, setting a new standard in the field.